From the Jersey Shore to the Ganges River

A journey from data to knowledge

“ … Convincing sincerity, humor, adventure and plenty of passion” “The book is seamless … should appeal to spiritual seekers of all stripes.”  Clay Evans, Boulder Daily Camera

“If you have something to give, give it.”Life is a balance. A balance between your checkbook and your blood pressure; love and anger; relationships and alone time. It’s a balance of finding purpose and enjoying the trip along the way. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself on your way to enlightenment, well, you’re too uptight.  And you may never arrive.

Jersey Yogi, Jim Starr, was one of those uptight people who found that balance. From his computer terminal, immersed in the rules of software, he went to the Himalayas where the rules are non-negotiable. From the Jersey Shore to the Ganges River and back. Jim traded his pocket protector and the quest to become a programming genius, for serenity, purpose, peace and enlightenment.

“Not the Usual Kind of Spiritual Journey!”

Today, Jersey Yogi shares his story with those who are seeking answers, and those who love adventure laced with good humor and are tired of wondering, “What’s my purpose?” No robes, just t-shirts and jeans (you must still keep the sandals though) and baseball cap is optional.

Read the remarkable story of how an uptight computer programmer left a promising life of comfort for a journey—fraught with peril, laughter, astonishment and unbelievable moments—that would focus his priorities and give purpose to his life.   LEARN MORE

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I finished this book in two days. Literally, I could not put it down. I was late for meals, late for sleep, late for work, and late back from lunch!