Jersey Yogi

The Ganges RiverImagine a life where what excites you most are 1s and 0s: the code and payday they create. Since we live in a high-tech world, to be at the very heart of it can be distracting, enticing and misleading. Opportunities gained; living lost.

Then one day, after driving your luxury car down to the handball championship tournament, thinking life couldn’t get much better, you take an ordinary shot against an ordinary opponent, and—OUCH! The ball flies astray and you go down, hard … you blow out your back. Only one word can describe it—agony! In that one moment, though you don’t know it yet, life has changed and your journey has begun to what would become your new normal. And so a yogi has been born … Jersey Yogi.

Quite an amazing journey

Take a journey that starts in the suburbs of influential New Jersey and leads to the Indian Himalayas, through the Ganges River and death-defying adventures, as an uptight man driven by his Microsoft Outlook Calendar, learns what it truly means to live. The sorest loser in the world finds out what it means to give and make a difference. And discovers that he, too, has a heart.

Start the journey today and begin the change. Read Jersey Yogi: The Unintentional Enlightenment of an Uptight Man, TODAY!

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