Why Bad Grammar Pisses You Off

I think that all my adult life I’ve been a stickler for grammar and spelling (yes, other things, too!).  However, until the rise of the World Wide Web I didn’t realize how much company I had in this regard.  True, for about thirty years there had been William Safire’s excellent New York Times column, “On Language,” but this was a … Read More

Let’s Collaborate

This blog is seeing a lot of activity but is currently lacking in replies and comments.  I warmly invite you to contribute to the conversation.  Your ideas and views are welcome here.

True, I swear

It was the 1973 World Series vs. Oakland and I had assured my wife I could buy last minute tickets at Shea.  She waited on a bench while I stood by the subway exit asking everyone if they had tickets to sell.  A cop approached me. “Buddy are you trying to sell tickets?” “No, I’m trying to buy them.” “How … Read More