‘Round Early December

People will say something like “Wow, I can’t believe it’s only 4:30 and already it’s getting dark!” as if the laws of astronomy were out to get them.

Bet You’ve Never Asked Yourself This Question

From experience we know what the sense of smell is all about.  But what if human beings had never had a sense of smell?  Surely they would perceive the nose as being strictly for breathing and would have no way to even conceive of what we call “smell.”  So I ask: what other possible senses are out there that we … Read More

When I Get Enlightened

Enlightened people always say something like “You’re already enlightened.”  Since they’re enlightened they must be right about this, but it’s not very helpful.  I promise not to say this to you when I get enlightened.

You Know What I’m Talking About

It simply doesn’t work to proceed slowly and cautiously when pouring liquid from an overly full pitcher into a glass.  To avoid spilling, you’ve got to just go for it, all at once.  No two ways about it, some situations in life require bravado.


Do I have free will and the power to choose how my life will go, or is pretty much everything determined by a grand plan?  Clearly both.

Vegetative State

I’m old enough to remember when the phrase “vegetative state” hadn’t yet been invented.  It evolved from people making irreverent jokes about deeply comatose patients, such as: “He’s got the awareness of a carrot” or “She’s a vegetable.”  I repeat: these were jokes.  So I always find it funny to hear “vegetative state” being used seriously.  It’s evolved, quite weirdly, … Read More

Throw the Spaghetti in the Waiter’s Face

A teacher of mine used to say, “If you get bad service in a restaurant don’t just slink out leaving a small (or no) tip.  Throw the spaghetti in the waiter’s face!”

Sell Your Soul at the Old Ball Game

The Knicks were in town to play the Nuggets and my son Lionel took me to the game for my birthday.  The spectacle at the “Pepsi Center” was nothing but shameless, automated, heartless marketing.  Robotic cheers led by electronic scoreboards, giveaway promotions on the loudspeaker, and live “cheerleaders” doing their schticky little dance numbers which were obviously timed to precisely … Read More

Bumper Sticker Self-Expression

For many people today, communicating “who they are” consists in purchasing the right bumper sticker and affixing it to their vehicle.  Same with greeting cards – just pick one you like, and give it to that special person.  As if self-expression were some sort of multiple choice exercise.