In the Soup

In human interaction we look for agreement and resolution — a couple of Red Sox fans get together and agree that the Yankees suck. Simple, end of discussion. But this type of agreed upon truth is always tentative. It’s only valid at the level on which the participants come together. If challenged, their cozy truth needs some justification. This now … Read More

How Many Dimensions are There?

Well I sure don’t know. Scientists seem to think there are more than three. (Eleven is a favorite choice.) But it doesn’t require extra-dimensional theories for me to realize that my brain isn’t up to the task of perceiving things as they are. For that, I only need to “gaze at the stars.” What’s beyond the edge of the universe? … Read More


I just found out that a setting in my blog was making it impossible for people to leave comments. Sorry!!! This is fixed now.

6.3 on a Scale of Ten

For some reason my daughter Amy seems to think of me as a sort of musical expert. I’m definitely not. Of course she tends to overestimate me in many other ways, and I guess this is simply because I’m her Dad. I love you too, Honey. Musically, what I have is enough ability to be able to see my limitations, … Read More

Cold Showers

I guess it’s not true for everyone, but most everyone who learns to take thorough cold showers will find them to be wonderful. What’s a thorough cold shower? Well, I have no rigorous definition, but the water must be quite cold, the shower should last at least three minutes, and the person showering should breathe deeply and attempt to let … Read More

We’ll Never Know What Would Have Happened If……

What would have happened if JFK hadn’t been assassinated in 1963? We’ll never know. But wait a minute!!! JFK was assassinated in 1963. There is no “JFK-wasn’t-assassinated” world – it doesn’t exist. So it’s not that “we’ll never know” – there’s nothing to know! The “knowledge” we’re talking about is strictly fantasy. Thinking about “what would have happened if…” is … Read More

Weekend Fatalities Down 15%

  Let’s say that a new lower speed limit is put into effect for the holiday weekend and is strictly enforced, resulting in traffic fatalities being lessened by 15% compared to previous years. This is a good thing. But exactly who is better off? The people who would have been killed? Who are they?? Is there anyone sitting around saying … Read More

Slam Dunk

Bill Russell used to dunk the basketball in order to score two points for his team. He did it quietly and gracefully, and usually used both hands. On the other hand, today’s slam dunk, the signature gesture of American sports, has become a loud, colossal fuck you.

11-Dimensional Mind

Scientists assert that our universe may have upwards of eleven dimensions, yet we still perceive only three. Isn’t it INTERESTING that our minds can’t deal with the very reality we’re immersed in? And yet this remarkable disconnect gets no more than passing mention in today’s pop physics books. A sentence like “Of course our minds can’t really conceive of, or … Read More

No Two Snowflakes are Alike II

In contrast to vegetables (which seem to have no qualms about showing up as an arbitrary, disjointed collection of shapes and sizes), snowflakes at least try to express the infinitude and perfection of six-sidedness.