Everyone knows that the fraction 1/3, when rendered as a decimal, is repeating and unending: .333333333333333…… etc. But that’s only within the base ten numbering system. The same fraction using a base of three is precisely .1 – couldn’t be more simple. I’m trying to draw a profound conclusion here. Please help me out …


The more spiritual I get, the less spiritual I look.

Reality Check

Last night while watching an early-season baseball game on TV I realized that a couple of players I had watched since they were rookies were now veterans on the team, nearing the end of their careers. A kind of interesting, sweet way of noticing that I’m getting older. And there were these new rookies …

Do the Right Thing

When it comes to the Himalayas, is it possible to hike, or must one always trek?

What Paintings are Great to YOU?

If I had never taken an art appreciation course and had never heard other people’s opinions, I wonder what works of art I would select as my favorites.

How to Dodder

I’ve always thought it wonderful the way that some animals are born into this world with highly developed innate abilities, such as, for example, the way a baby bird just knows how to fly. Amazingly, I noticed the same about myself: the very moment I became old I instantly manifested the ability to dodder! And this without a single moment … Read More