My late friend Bruce Salzman was the one who taught me how to crack my knuckles. It was in Mr. Sommer’s 7th grade algebra class.

At first it hurt a little bit, but that didn’t last long, and soon it started feeling good. It was also fun. I never developed it into a habit, but have been doing it once in a while to the present day.

A knuckle doesn’t crack twice in a row. When I crack it I have to wait a while before I can do it again. In about fifteen minutes it’s ready.

What interests me is that after I crack my knuckle and go on about my business, some inscrutable force automatically wakes up, and begins its task of moving the knuckle back to its original position. And this happens totally under the radar, without my being aware of it in any way. My bones and ligaments are being physically moved, and I don’t feel a thing. This process is totally reliable, and leaves but one small calling card: the knuckle can once again be cracked.

The inscrutable force goes back to sleep, and waits.


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2 Comments on “Knuckles”

  1. john b kuch

    My nose , which is getting bigger every day, does this as well—WHY ?

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