Short Pieces
By nature I’m relentlessly philosophical, and am always observing and analyzing.  I especially like questions that seem to lead to paradoxes.  I remember as a little boy being totally intrigued by the Paradoxes of Zeno.  Over the years I’ve become quite interested in certain seemingly paradoxical questions, and for a long time planned to write a book, a “collection of essays about life,” in which I would thoroughly explore and resolve these intriguing puzzles, one by one.  I collected many titles about which I wanted to write, along with very brief notes to remind myself what the content of each would be.  However, each time I sat down to write one of the essays I could never finish it.  I couldn’t answer the questions I was asking. I would get off to a good start, but could never reach a satisfactory conclusion.   For a long time I thought it was writer’s block or just some kind of resistance, but an insight finally came: the human mind, in its current state of evolution, cannot solve these problems.  When I saw that, it felt like a revelation.  As human beings we stumble around trying to solve problems and questions we’re just not equipped to solve.  Put another way, we are 3-dimensional perceptual beings immersed in a multi-dimensional reality which our minds cannot grasp.  (See my article, 11-Dimensional Mind.)

When I saw that, things became much easier for me.  Since I didn’t need to answer any of these questions, I found that it was valuable and interesting just to ask them.  And the questions themselves were already laid out, in the form of the titles and notes I had prepared for myself.  Hence, the “short piece”: a title plus some brief commentary.  I edited them so as to make each one complete in itself, and very much liked the result.  They were quirky, and packed a lot of punch.

This brief, no-frills way of communicating suited me and my temperament.  And I saw that the short piece form didn’t need to be limited to deep, paradoxical questions.  I could write brash, opinionated pieces about anything, to my heart’s content!  Being a judgmental man of few words, I had created for myself a very satisfying form of self-expression.

And though these fiery pieces may confound you and piss you off, I offer them to you, with love.

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